What is Gatsby Benchmark 1?

A stable careers programme

In detail

  • Every school and college should have a stable, structured careers programme that has the explicit backing of the senior management team.
  • There should be an identified and appropriately trained person responsible for it.
  • It should be published on the school’s website and accessible to pupils, parents, teachers and employers.
  • The programme should be regularly evaluated with feedback from pupils, parents, teachers and employers.


We've worked with Careers Leaders from across the country to identify useful, freely available online resources to help you:

Resource Description Access resources
Gatsby Benchmark toolkits Our practical toolkits focus on the Gatsby Benchmarks. They are designed to help schools and colleges identify what 'good' looks like across the eight benchmarks.

Toolkit for Schools [PDF]

Toolkit for Colleges [PDF]

Toolkit for SEND [PDF]

A guide for secondary school governors This guide helps governors to support Careers Leaders. Governing bodies have a key role in ensuring schools meet their legal requirements and equip pupils with the tools and knowledge to make informed choices about their futures.  A guide for secondary school governors [PDF]
Governor slide deck We have developed this slide deck to support SLT and Careers Leaders in developing Governors' knowledge around their responsibilities associated with Careers Education. It accompanies the 'Guide for secondary school governors' document above.  Governor slide deck [PDF]
Example Careers Policy template This resource is an example CEIAG policy from the Bridge, Greater Manchester team. The policy covers elements of the statutory guidance and includes an example programme, provider access policy and details around key stakeholder responsibilities. Example CEIAG policy [Word document]
Website Guidance document This was developed by the team in Cornwall and Greater Manchester to support schools when designing their careers website.  It offers support around statutory requirements and content to support an effective careers education offer. What to include on a school/college careers website [Word document]
Website Audit document This was developed in the Liverpool network to support an audit of a careers website in a school/college.  It covers all elements of an effective website and supports Careers Leaders to identify any areas for development and top tips.  Careers Website Audit template [Word document]
Strategic Action Plan An example of a strategic action plan. Written by the Careers Lead at Walker Riverside Academy, it includes sections on vision, strategic leadership, action plans and evaluation. Example Strategic Action Plan [PDF]
Strategic Plan Guidance This Strategic Plan template follows guidance from Teach First and from our free online ‘Introduction to Careers Leadership’ training Strategic Plan Guidance [Word document]
Compass Support Prompt Questions These prompt questions are designed to support a review process, enabling every school to feel confident they have achieved all eight benchmarks securely. Please note that these questions are prompts to encourage further good practice rather than additional sub benchmark questions. Compass Support Prompt Questions [Word document]
Annual Review Checklist This checklist can be used by Careers Leaders as an annual review of provision to support planning for the following year. It takes into account all stakeholders views and provides evidence of impact. Annual Review Checklist [Word document]

Framework for Careers, Employability and Enterprise Education

This link is to the revised CDI framework for Careers, Employability and Enterprise Education. This voluntary framework meets the need in England for a framework of desirable learning outcomes from careers, employability and enterprise education.

CDI Framework for Careers, Employability and Enterprise Education [PDF]

Schools and colleges roadmaps

Our roadmaps outline the role of the Careers Leader and outlines the support offered through the Enterprise Adviser Network.

Roadmaps [PDF]



These are 6 example evaluation forms that can be used to evaluate provision and encounters from all different stakeholder points of view 

Evaluation examples [Word document]

CPD online modules Our CPD online module is split into 4 easy to watch modules, each lasting around 60 minutes. The modules take you through all aspects of Gatsby Benchmark 1 and include links to resources to support progress. 

Module 1 [PDF]

Module 2 [PDF]

Module 3 [PDF]

Module 4 [PDF]


Editable Journey Roadmap Our editable Journey Roadmap helps schools and colleges to present their Careers Programme in a visual way for all stakeholders to understand. The template is editable and contains boxes to articulate the vision for the Careers Programme, key milestones and key activities by year group.

CEC editable Journey/Roadmap [PDF]

SEND example visual Careers Programme overview Shaftesbury High School in Harrow are a SEND provision and they have developed their own employability curriculum pathway to visualise the journey their learners take  Shaftesbury SEND Programme example [PowerPoint]
Soham Village College website This link is an example of an effective Careers Website from Soham Village College.  It includes all statutory information and links for all stakeholders. Soham Village College Careers website [website]
Cornwall Hub BM 1 Resources  Cornwall Hub CloS team have developed a newsletter which contains lots of templates and examples to support all areas of BM 1  Cornwall Careers Hub Newsletter  - BM 1 Focus
Skills Builder Universal Framework The Skills Builder Universal Framework is a progression roadmap for building eight essential skills. The Framework breaks down these 8 essential skills into 16 teachable and measurable steps Skills Builder Universal Framework [website]


Hear from Careers Leaders delivering this benchmark

Everyone’s experience of working on Gatsby Benchmark 1 is different. Hear from a few Careers Leaders who have already achieved this benchmark in their secondary schools.