What is Gatsby Benchmark 1?

A stable careers programme

In detail

  • Every school and college should have a stable, structured careers programme that has the explicit backing of the senior management team.
  • There should be an identified and appropriately trained person responsible for it.
  • It should be published on the school’s website and accessible to pupils, parents, teachers and employers.
  • The programme should be regularly evaluated with feedback from pupils, parents, teachers and employers.

Hear from Careers Leaders delivering this benchmark

Everyone’s experience of working on Gatsby Benchmark 1 is different. Hear from a few Careers Leaders who have already achieved this benchmark in their secondary schools.


We've worked with Careers Leaders from across the country to identify useful, freely available online resources to help you:

Resource Description Access resources
Gatsby Benchmark toolkits Our practical toolkits focus on the Gatsby Benchmarks. They are designed to help schools and colleges identify what 'good' looks like across the eight benchmarks.

Toolkit for Schools [PDF]

Toolkit for Colleges [PDF]

Toolkit for SEND [PDF]

A guide for secondary school governors This guide helps governors to support Careers Leaders. Governing bodies have a key role in ensuring schools meet their legal requirements and equip pupils with the tools and knowledge to make informed choices about their futures.  A guide for secondary school governors [PDF]