What is Gatsby Benchmark 2?

Learning from labour market information

In detail

  • By the age of 14, all pupils should have accessed and used information about career paths and the labour market to inform their own decisions on study options. 
  • Parents should be encouraged to access and use information about labour markets and future study options to inform their support to their children.
  • An informed adviser can help them make the best use of available information.


We've worked with Careers Leaders from across the country to identify useful, freely available online resources to help you:

Resource Description Access resources
Gatsby Benchmark toolkits Our practical toolkits focus on the Gatsby Benchmarks. They are designed to help schools and colleges identify what 'good' looks like across the eight benchmarks.

Toolkit for Schools [PDF]

Toolkit for Colleges [PDF]

Toolkit for SEND [PDF]

Labour Market Information factsheet examples An example of Labour Market Information presented in an easily understandable format, raising awareness of growth sector areas in the Tees Valley. Developed by Tees Valley Combined Authority.  Labour Market Information factsheets [website]
LMI lessons KS3 This resource developed by Bridge GM links to a series of lessons for KS3 around different sectors and the linked LMI in the Manchester area.  Each lesson focusses on a different sector but follows the same process allowing the teacher to choose sectors of growth for their area.

Key stage 3 LMI Lesson Plan Cover Page

Key stage 3 LMI Activity Sheet 

Key stage 3 LMI Teacher Guide

Key stage 3 LMI Programme

Careermap Careermap is a free online careers website, packed full of opportunities for young people and independent information. Careermap aims to bust myths and dispel misconceptions about pathways, careers and qualifications. Careermap [website]

LMI Activity for KS4

Developed by the team in Greater Manchester this resource links to a series of lessons for KS4 around roles within the different sectors and the linked LMI in the Manchester area.

LMI Activity for KS4 [Word document]

Hear from Careers Leaders delivering benchmark

Hear how Careers Leader, Mark Fox, led colleagues towards achieving this benchmark.