Future Skills is a self-assessment survey for young people that asks about employability skills, career readiness and personal effectiveness.

The tool is designed to measure the impact of career-related activities on young people and to support ongoing improvements in the activities that schools, colleges and other organisations provide. Young people complete the survey before and after each activity.

The current version of the tool, brings together three sets of questions from well-established sources, which have been tested with young people in England. These are the Student Career Readiness Index (SCRI), the Social and Emotional Health Survey (SEHS) and questions based on the Skills Builder Framework, developed by Enabling Enterprise.

Future Skills is currently available to careers activity providers, funded by The Careers & Enterprise Company to support the evaluation of programmes. We completed an initial pilot in summer 2018 and will continue to test the tool in 2018/19.

We plan to seek feedback on the tool from funded providers and young people, during this academic year to refine and adapt the questions. We will also begin to work on an accessible version suitable for young people with special needs.

Future Skills will be freely available from September 2019, please check back here for future updates and information.

To find out more about how Future Skills data are processed, please read our privacy policy here

For more information, please contact research@careersandenterprise.co.uk