Academy FM Folkestone

Who is Academy FM Folkestone?

Academy FM Folkestone work with primary schools for a media-based careers programme. Each student from Year 4 to 6 learns how to record interviews with local professionals to be broadcast on the community radio station.

Students also visit workplaces around the area to get a wide experience of the jobs on offer. The audio they create will be available on the Primary schoolToolkit, where any teacher can use the project to run career-related learning in their class.


Who do they work with?

Mainly: Pupils

Types of schools: All mainstream schools, Rural, Urban, Small, Large, State, EYFS to Y6

Year Groups: Year 4, Year 5, Year 6


How can they help?

Academy FM Folkestone can help your school achieve better careers-related learning (CRL) by focusing on Skills Builder skills and best practice.

Skills Builder essential skills addressed by Academy FM Folkestone:

Listening  Presenting  Problem solving Creativity 
Staying positive  Aiming high  Leadership Teamwork 


CRL principles followed by Academy FM Folkestone:

  • Embedding into whole school approach and driven by SLT
  • Involving employers and parents
  • Starting early
  • Open to all
  • Ensuring activities are personalised and relevant to the age group


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