1. Examples of employer engagment activities
2. London curriculum family explorer trials: World of work
3. My activity passport
4. Case studies
5. C​areers-related learning principles and how to address them
6. Share your findings






1. Examples of employer engagement activities 

Activity Description 
What's my line 

One or several employers are invited to a classroom or assembly hall. A group of children are then invited to ask a series of questions to try and guess that person’s job, based on a number of clues. 

Workplace visits

Workplace visits often involve a group of children visiting an organisation from a couple of hours to a full day. The aim is to provide children with a general overview of the company and wider industry, to familiarise them with its working environment and to provide them with guidance on how they could one day get into the industry.

Workplace visits can comprise of a variety of activities such as: group exercises, workshops, networking events, presentations, Q&A sessions, and site tours. 

Career insights 

Employers or business representatives coming in to speak about their job or career path, including the route they may have taken and the challenges they faced. 
Particular emphasis is placed at this stage, on explaining how certain subjects are relevant to working life. 

Career carousels

These events involve a range of volunteers coming together to speak with groups of children about their jobs. In a career carousel, a child will speak individually or in small groups to employee volunteers for a short period of time (commonly 5–15 minutes) about their job/career.


2. London curriculum family explorer trails: World of work

The London Curriculum is a fun way of teaching young people about the city, using London as a classroom. Hundreds of schools in London are already enjoying our free learning resources in lessons and visits. With these Family Explorer trails, parents and carers can join in too.

We have designed trails all about the world of work for families to enjoy around London. You will learn about jobs from the past, and discover the work people do today

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3. My activity passport 

This is a list of suggested age appropriate activities for primary aged children to engage in. For each year group there are activities which naturally lend themselves to career-related learning. These include visiting a farm, building a bridge, creating a film soundtrack, interviewing someone and voting in a school election.

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4. Case studies

A collection of short case studies on career-related programmes, these include: working with wider programmes, from Ladybarn Primary school, Manchester, develoing non-academic skills from year 1-6, from Crosshall Junior School in Cambridgeshire, linking career-releated learning to the curriculum, Aylward Primary School in London and immersing young people in bussiness, Victoria Academy, in Cumbria.

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5. Careers-related learning principles and how to address them

  • Involve employers and parents

Resources coming soon.

  • Start early

Resources coming soon.

  • Ensure activities are relevant to the age group

Resources coming soon.

  • Embed into the curriculum

Resources coming soon!

  • Embed in a whole school approach

Resources coming soon.

  • Open to all

Resources coming soon.


6. Share your findings

We’re on a mission to collect and share examples of best practice across the country. If your school or organisation already does great things to implement careers education at Primary, we’d love to hear about it. Please use this case study template to capture your great work and send your story to

Download case study template [PDF]


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