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Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about Compass+.


How can I find out more about Compass+?

Visit the Compass+ homepage or have a look at our Compass+ Resources for guidance on how to get started.


How can I get my school a Compass+ account? 

We are in the process of onboarding schools that expressed early interest in the Compass+ tool. Once these schools are on board we will open up access to all schools early in 2020. 


Who is Compass+ available to?

We're starting integration with the below secondary school Management Information Systems (MIS). The integration will feed student level data from the MIS into Compass+. The below MIS systems account for 86% of school MIS users and cover most sixth forms, special schools and PRUs.

  • SIMS

  • Arbor

  • Progresso

  • CMIS

  • ScholarPack

  • Bromcom

We aim to expand our reach to more MIS systems as quickly as our resources will allow. All of our digital tools (Compass, Tracker and Find an activity provider) will still be available to all colleges and schools who will not be using Compass+.


Will Compass+ be available to colleges?

Once the dashboard is fully rolled out and technically fit for purpose in the 19/20 academic year, we'll expand our reach to college MIS systems. We aim to begin testing college MIS integrations in Spring 2020. Please continue to check the Compass+ page for the latest developments around which MIS we aim to integrate with in the future.


How does integration with my school’s MIS work?

Compass+ allows you to integrate your school’s MIS data through an API connection with our integration partner Assembly. As of September 2019, we are only be able to integrate with SIMS, Arbor, Progresso, CMIS, ScholarPack and Bromcom.


What measures are in place to ensure the security and privacy of my data?

Data privacy and security are of utmost importance to The Careers & Enterprise Company. To ensure that sensitive student information is only accessed by those with the right permissions, we're investing heavily in tackling this issue. Ark Academy and Assembly/Groupcall have the most experience in the sector with handling data privacy from a technical and legal compliance perspective. They will work, in conjunction with our in-house Data Protection Office and Chief Technical Officer, on the technical architecture of Compass+ and related data policies.

When you sign up to use Compass+ you'll need to accept our Evaluation Tools Terms and Conditions, Assembly/Groupcall’s Privacy Policy and Assembly/Groupcall's Terms and Conditions. This describes exactly what we will and will not do with students’ data. Please share this with your school’s SLT for review and approval before onboarding.


Will The Careers & Enterprise Company be accessing my school’s student data?

The Careers & Enterprise Company will only have access to as much Personally Identifiable Information as is necessary to build and maintain the system. Only pseudonymised data (replacing most identifying fields within a data record by one or more artificial identifiers, or pseudonyms) will otherwise be viewed by staff. When you sign up to use Compass+ you'll need to accept our Evaluation Tools Terms and Conditions, Assembly/Groupcall’s Privacy Policy and Assembly/Groupcall's Terms and Conditions. This describes exactly what we will and will not do with students’ data. Please share this with your school’s SLT for review and approval before onboarding.


Do you plan to integrate with other systems like Unifrog, Start, and Grofar?

This is planned for the future. We've liased with other administrative software organisations since first designing Compass+. We wanted to ensure early on that we would be able to implement APIs or other easy connections between our platforms. We'll begin developing these connections in Autumn 2019 and can share a development roadmap closer to the time.

In the meanwhile, we are exploring other ways of making it easier to reap the benefits of these other software programs alongside ours. For example, we're developing templates which allow you to download crucial information from other systems and bulk upload it to Compass+. We currently have an API with Founders4Schools, so you can import any activities you've created on Founders4Schools into Tracker.


What happens to data in Compass and Tracker if we move to Compass+? Do I have to re-input everything?

All Compass and Tracker data that was entered before the move to Compass+ will be retained and transferred over. This will be an automatic process, so no action will be required from you. If you have trouble finding your prior evaluations, etc. after onboarding to Compass+, please read our online FAQs and other documentation. If that doesn’t resolve your issue, please get in touch with our customer service team at


What if I use spreadsheets to track my careers activities? Do I have to recreate all of those in Compass+? Is that also true for this Careers Partners Database? What about the destinations data we can now input into Compass+?

We'll be releasing a number of templates to allow you to easily bulk upload your careers activity, partners and destinations data into the system. All you’ll need to ensure is that you copy and paste your data properly into these templates for the upload to be successful. If it is not successful, an error message will advise what changes to make in the spreadsheet before re-uploading.

All templates will be circulated in advance of our September 2019 launch. We’ll also provide instructions about how to use the templates during onboarding this autumn.


Does Compass+ allow me to track student destinations?

Yes. We'll have a standard form within Compass+ for you to input destinations data for each student. Hopefully, this will assist you in tracking destinations in future, as well as comparing students’ destinations to the careers provisions received and assessment results.


What features of Compass+ will be available to non-student level data users?

We've been building Compass+ so that as many people as possible can benefit. It’s important to us to also update our existing toolset since some institutions may have to wait to onboard.

The provider recommendations are currently live within the Tracker 'create activity' function. The Careers Partners Database is also up and available to use. The improvements to the provider recommendations (better matches and new providers) will be available within Tracker from July.

We also intend to give institutions the ability to see how their Compass results will change based on their planned Tracker activities, as you would in Compass+. While we’re in the process of confirming when this will be available, it essentially means that Compass and Tracker users will not have to wait for onboarding to Compass+ to access such insights.


What are custom groups and why are they useful?

MIS groups are automatically available to add to your activities in Compass+. The integration with your school MIS means you can, for example, add all Year 11 students with a single click. You can also create a custom group for an activity by adding or removing individual students within each year group. 

You can also save custom student groups for future use. You can then use this if you’re planning another year’s activities or looking to create a chart to see change over time.


You also offer Find an Activity Provider and the Careers Partners Database. I’ve also heard that Tracker Enterprise tool is coming soon. What do each of these tools do and how are they different? 

The Careers Partners database is a digital rolodex that you and other school other staff members can use to store your local contacts. These contacts may be providers whose services you've used to deliver careers activities, your favourite careers activity volunteers from SMEs in the area, or contacts from large corporates that are always ready to deliver talks.

The purpose of the Careers Partners tool is to provide a place to store and make these contacts available to everyone with access to Compass+ at your school. After creating a contact in the database, you only have to enter a few characters about that contact (when planning a careers activity) and the rest of their information will be auto-populated for you.

The Find an Activity Provider tool is a national, rather than local, database of activity providers for careers activities. Providers listed in the Find an Activity Provider are specifically in the business of delivering careers activities to schools, offering free and/or paid activities. They are not employers who also deliver activities in schools on a volunteer basis. They also must complete an application process with the Careers and Enterprise Company before being listed, beginning with registering their interest as a provider here.

Relevant providers from the Find an Activity Provider database are shown to Careers Leaders who input activities into Compass+ and indicate that they don't have anyone to help deliver their activity. If they already have someone to help deliver their activity, they can auto-populate that provider’s information from the Careers Partners database, or create a new entry to save for future use.

When launched, Tracker Enterprise will help Careers Leaders find delivery partners for activities where volunteers are scarce. If they’ve already consulted their employer contacts and they cannot afford or identify an appropriate provider organisation, they can choose to advertise their activities for volunteers on Tracker Enterprise. Tracker Enterprise will then offer a list view and a calendar view of school need, filterable by postal code, MIS group, industry sector, and more. More information about this tool will be available soon.


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