About Tracker

One of the benefits of being part of the Enterprise Adviser Network is having access to the Tracker careers planning tool. Once you’ve completed a Compass evaluation for your school or college, you can use Tracker to record and plan careers activities with the support of your Enterprise Coordinator and Adviser.

Tracker helps you to record activities clearly and easily, and identifies how you are improving your Gatsby Benchmark scores from your Compass evaluation with the activities that you plan.

Tracker in 90 seconds

Our short video describes the features and benefits of Tracker. 

The Gatsby Benchmarks give your school a framework for improving your careers provision - based on research into what works best for students. Tracker links your careers plan to the Gatsby Benchmarks scores to show how they are improving with each completed careers activity, class or event.

Features and benefits 

  • Build and manage your annual plan for careers and enterprise activity, targeted to gaps
  • Easily record events, classes and all careers activities in one place
  • Download and share your plan with colleagues
  • Evaluate the success of completed activities

Tracker is just one of the benefits available to schools and colleges that are part of the Enterprise Adviser Network. The Enterprise Adviser Network is completely free to join and links schools and colleges with dedicated senior business volunteers and careers programme providers to develop tailored careers and enterprise plans.   

If you are not currently part of the Enterprise Adviser Network, take a look at what signing up can offer your school or college. 

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Access Tracker with Schools Hub

If your school or college is part of the Enterprise Adviser Network and you’ve completed your Compass evaluation, you can access Tracker through the Schools Hub. 

Access Tracker with Schools Hub