Our national network connects schools and colleges with employers and careers programme providers and supports them to work together to provide young people with effective and high-quality encounters with the world of work.

How the network supports schools, colleges and employers

The network is made up of Enterprise Coordinators who we co-fund with Local Enterprise Partnerships and Combined Authorities. Enterprise Coordinators are trained professionals who work with clusters of 20 schools and colleges to build careers plans and make connections to local and national employers.  

Enterprise Coordinators support a group of senior business volunteers, known as Enterprise Advisers, who they match with one of the school or colleges in the network.

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Enterprise Advisers use their knowledge of the local business landscape to support the headteacher or careers team to develop an effective careers plan and to create opportunities with their business contacts in the area for their school or college’s students. Find out more about Enterprise Adviser role

Careers Hubs are a subset of our National network, and are currently being piloted in 20 areas. Careers Hubs are a group of between 20 and 40 secondary schools and colleges located in the same geographic area, working together, and with partners in the business, public, education and voluntary sectors to deliver the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Opportunity Areas are an important part of the government’s plan for improving social mobility through education. Our role in Opportunity Areas is to support schools and colleges in providing greater and more regular access to the world of work for their students.

Cornerstone Employers are businesses invested in the successful and sustainable delivery of careers education for young people and commit to join a leadership group of local businesses to support schools, colleges and young people in their area. Find out more about Cornerstone Employers.