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Careers Impact System

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The Careers Impact System is a process that drives continuous improvement in the quality of careers education in schools and colleges.

It’s a systematic approach to raising standards, provides confidence in and an assurance of quality to the education policy community and is directly linked to wider school improvement.

  • 96% of education leaders say it will lead to improved careers provision.
  • 86% say it will lead to improved student outcomes.
  • 72% say it has established strong links between careers and school improvement.
What does the Careers Impact System do?

The Careers Impact System sets clearly defined standards as to what good looks like in careers leadership and careers provision – in what is called a maturity model - and maps the pathway towards achieving it - showing how careers leadership and excellence is a driver for overall school and college improvement.

  • Enables education leaders to link careers to school and college improvement priorities​
  • Locks continuous improvement into Careers Leaders’ approach to achieving the Gatsby Benchmarks
  • Assures confidence in the quality of careers guidance locally and nationally
  • Elevates and reinforces the profession of Careers Leadership in schools and colleges.

“I think it was about having robust discussions with other careers specialists... I think it was around an opportunity to really sit back and evaluate what we do… [The Careers Impact Maturity Model] makes you think slightly differently in terms of, what is a progressive careers learning journey? What does that actually mean?"

Vice principal, FE College

95% of education leaders who have used the Careers Impact System say they would recommend it to other schools and colleges.
How does the Careers Impact System work?