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Further CPD training

The Careers Leader role is constantly developing and maturing. Allowing ourselves time to reflect and discover new ideas and approaches is important. That’s why we are continuing to develop a range of self-paced online modules.

Parental Engagement (PE) Modules

How to effectively engage families in your careers provision

GLH: 1 hour per module

The two brand new modules, designed in partnership with Causeway Education, will support you to equip parents to have effective career conversations with their children.

Module 1 is aimed at Careers Leaders who are new to role or looking to understand more about how you can engage parents in careers education.

If you are a more experienced Careers Leader, one that is already engaging students’ families through your work, or an Education Leader with responsibility for careers education in your school, special school or college, you may benefit from the training included in Module 2.

Module 2 builds on the learning by exploring how creating an institution-wide approach to careers through strategic planning can have a deeper impact on learners and their parents.

However, there is no harm in completing both modules to gain a full picture of the potential family- inclusive careers education has for your students and community.

Module 1

By the end of this module, you’ll have:

  • Evidence and research that will help you express the value and benefits of family involvement to colleagues and senior leaders.
  • Tools, techniques and examples of best practice that will help you make your own careers education activities inclusive of student’s parents/carers.
  • Examined the different levels of family engagement and discovered any barriers to involvement for your school, special school or college community.
  • Evaluated your current provision and identified opportunities to deepen engagement with families.
  • Planned a targeted piece of family-friendly careers education that addresses a need in your setting.

Module 2

By the end of this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the principles, how they work together and what effective practice looks like on the ground.
  • Understand why a strategic and embedded approach to PE in careers education is important and the difference it can make to learners.
  • Identify relevant staff and the roles they can play, motivate them to work towards achieving a strategic and embedded approach to PE in CE and support them to identify how they can integrate ‘PE in careers education’ objectives into their own practice/provision.
  • Identify relevant resources, map these to specific ‘PE in careers education’ objectives and staff roles and then communicate these to staff, ensuring they are equipped to use these effectively.
  • Identify priority groups based on local data/evidence and ensure PE activities are targeted to meet the needs of these groups.
  • Develop a progressive framework of ‘PE in careers education’ objectives across all student cohorts and adapt ‘PE in careers education’ provision to deliver these objectives.
  • Provide a coherent ‘PE in careers education’ framework to staff, including progressive objectives and targeting criteria and support them to identify and develop ‘PE in careers education’ opportunities which are built around this framework and are integrated with current practice.

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