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Training providers

There are slight differences in the way our providers structure and deliver their courses. However, all of them provide the same learning outcomes:

  1. Understand the role and value of a Careers Leader.
  2. Analyse career theory and how this applies to local context.
  3. Understand and implement application of Gatbsy Benchmarks.
  4. Understand relevant national developments and apply relevant policies and frameworks for practice.
  5. Create an effective careers strategy.
  6. Identify (or review current) career related learning outcomes.
  7. Identify a progressive approach to meaningful encounters with employers and experiences of the workplace.
  8. Determine how careers impact evaluation data can be regularly collected and analysed to inform evaluation, reporting and continuous improvement of careers provision.
  9. Prepare an approach to reporting on careers to SLT and governing bodies.
  10. Diagnose priority outcomes for staff careers education CPD.

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