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Careers Activities

Careers Activities you can do in an hour

Sharing your industry knowledge and experience can make a huge difference to the options a young person considers for their career.

There are many ways that you can get involved with schools and colleges - we’ve listed just a few of them below. If you have registered to get involved in the Give an hour campaign, our local Enterprise Coordinator will talk to you about what activities the schools and colleges in your area are organising and how you can get involved.


Employer Talk

Share your career journey Whether in an assembly, classroom setting or hosted virtually, sharing your career story is a great way to help students understand the realities of the world of work and inspire them about a career path they may never have considered.

Curriculum based activities

Bring a subject to life Working with teachers to bring the subject curriculum to life is a great way for students to understand how what they learn at school or college can be applied in the workplace.

Teachers will outline what they’re teaching, and you can provide an example from your workplace e.g. how as a Project Manager you use analysis skills learnt in history or as a Software Developer you use logic learnt in Maths.

Speed networking

Speed networking Speed networking involves you and a range of other employers, speaking with students one to one or in small groups for a quick burst of time. Students ask you questions about your career and the skills you use, helping them understand more about a range of careers.


CV workshops/Mock Interviews

Give your top tips for CVs and interviews Could you use your experience of recruiting or being recruited to take part in mock interviews and CV writing workshops? These sessions help students understand the realities of the process and feel better prepared when applying for jobs, apprenticeships or further and higher education.


Business games and competitions

Bring your job to life To build entrepreneurial skills, schools and colleges may organise competitions for their students to set up a business or run a project.

You can use your expertise to support an aspect of these competitions, offer advice or act as a judge.

Got another activity you’d like to deliver?

You might have your own ideas about how you can showcase your career, industry or job to students in your local schools and colleges. Your local Enterprise Coordinator will be happy to explore these ideas with you.

Register now to give an hour

Give an hour and help a young person take their best next step.

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Register now to give an hour

Give an hour and help a young person take their best next step.

By registering to give an hour, your local Enterprise Coordinator will be in touch to outline which of these activities your local schools and colleges need and discuss which most appeals to you.

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