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Work related learning is a great way for young people to gain an understanding of the world of work and get the meaningful employer encounters they need to help them make important decisions about their futures.

Our doors are always open to young people wanting to experience the workplace and see first hand the work that we do. Halima and Hamza joined us from a local London school to do just that and shared their experiences with us.


“My work experience at The Career & Enterprise Company has taught me so much, from learning what a brief was, to discussing how their social media platforms are managed.

While working with the marketing and communications department I have been inspired by the buzz and true enthusiasm employees have towards the organisation’s development. My stay has given me an insight into working life in the City and this experience has inspired me to work even harder to achieve my aims.

As a 17-year-old, it’s hard to determine exactly what careers prospects would be of interest to me, especially with my focus being largely on achieving good A-Levels leaving little time for exploring what the workplace could be like. However, during this week, I was able to take on an independent research project for my team, sit in on meetings, and plan out content for social media platforms whilst also contributing my own views.

I have enjoyed speaking with members from various departments within and having greater insight into what their daily work entails. It has been the conversations with other employees which has increased my confidence and given me an outlook into the working world.

As this week came to an end I was able to reflect on my experience and realised that in such a small space of time I have grown as an individual and learned of the variety of careers available to young people today.” 


“My experience at The Careers & Enterprise Company has been very insightful and eye-opening. I chose to work in the finance department to get a better idea of what a finance department does and to see if the stereotypes of accountants being boring was really true. So far, I’ve been spending a day each with one of the members of the team, learning about what they do in their day-to-day jobs and how they do it, varying from inputting invoices into the finance system to going through the management account process.

 I have learnt that using Microsoft Excel is crucial towards a career in finance and possibly other careers; however more importantly, I’ve learnt that stereotyping people or places is generally never actually a good reflection or guide towards what something is really like. This work experience has helped me to better understand what working in an office-based environment is like and I now feel more prepared towards, not only work, but choosing a career path that better suits me.

Ultimately, I have thoroughly enjoyed the laid-back work culture which was a big change from school, the first-hand advice from the employees and contractors, most of the work, but most importantly, the individual stories that everyone had. Not everyone particularly wanted to end up working in an office but their different journeys all lead them to the same place. I would strongly recommend for students to find work experience in their desired sector, just to make sure they enjoy their future.”