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What is the provider access legislation?

21 Jun 2022

Statement from The Careers & Enterprise Company's CEO, Oli de Botton: 

A new law is expected to come into force in January 2023 which will change an important area of the work we do together to support young people.

The Skills and Post-16 Education Act 2022 sets out new requirements on the number and types of encounters schools will need to deliver for their pupils with providers of technical education or apprenticeships.

The Provider Access Legislation specifies schools must provide at least six encounters for all their students – two in Years 8 and 9, two in Years 10 and 11 (all pupils in these year groups will be expected to access these encounters) and two in Years 12 and 13 (encounters need to be made available to all students in these year groups). 

A Government consultation on the details of implementing these changes was launched on 20th June and closed on the 25th July. We have been working closely with the Department for Education and sector partners to understand this change and what it means in practice for the work we do together.

At The Careers & Enterprise Company we know improving pupils’ knowledge of Apprenticeships and Technical Education pathways alongside other learning pathways is key to supporting young people find their best next step. Much good work has been and is being done.

The Provider Access Legislation will become a key mechanism to further help learners understand and take-up, not just apprenticeships, but wider technical education options such as T-Levels and Higher Technical Qualifications. At The Careers & Enterprise Company we are keen to support schools and providers to meet and evidence this updated requirement as part of wider progressive careers programmes.

We, like you, are committed to empowering the best possible choice and opportunity for young people. We know there is already fantastic work being done by schools across the country in connecting young people with technical qualification and apprenticeship pathways. We are determined to build on that good practice.

As we move through the consultation period and into the new school year in September, you will hear much more from us. Alongside sector and education partners we will develop a comprehensive range of resources to support schools and providers in capitalising on this opportunity and integrating the new requirements into existing plans. Our focus is making sure we are all prepared and ready to put these changes into practice smoothly and successfully.

We aim to keep you regularly informed on the progress we are making and what you can expect to see when. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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