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Future Skills Questionnaire

30 Apr 2021

The Careers & Enterprise Company has created the Future Skills Questionnaire for measuring student progress in the knowledge and skills needed for making successful transitions after secondary education and to set them up for a positive career. This report describes the process of developing the tool, which involved consultation with career professionals and sector experts, a large-scale pilot, interviews with careers leaders and cognitive testing. The latest version of the questionnaire is presented, with tailored questions for students at points of transition: starting secondary school, choosing GCSE subjects, finishing Key Stage 4, and leaving school or college at 18/19 years.

Since the end of the pilot in 2020, we have been developing a digital Future Skills Questionnaire tool embedded within Compass+. This includes the functionality to select students and send out questionnaires, as well as colourful and engaging digital questionnaires for students. From April 2021 we are testing the FSQ digital tool within Compass+ with schools across the country, the aim is to test and refine the product before a full roll out in September 2021.

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