The Gatsby Benchmarks are a framework of 8 guidelines about what makes the best careers provision in schools and colleges. The Careers Strategy is built around them, and they make a great place to start for planning or improving your programme. 

We have worked closely with the Gatsby Foundation to develop tools and guides to help you understand the benchmarks.

Detailed explanations of the 8 benchmarks, along with practical tips and examples of best practice can be found in our toolkits.

Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit [PDF]
SEND Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit [PDF]

The 8 Gatsby Benchmarks are:

1: A stable careers
2: Learning from career and
labour market information
3: Addressing the needs of
each pupil
4: Linking curriculum learning
to careers
5: Encounters with employers
and employees
6: Experiences of workplaces 7: Encounters with Further and
Higher Education
8: Personal guidance
Download guide [PDF] Download guide [PDF] Download guide [PDF] Download guide [PDF] Download guide [PDF] Download guide [PDF] Download guide [PDF] Download guide [PDF]

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Get started - evaluate your school against the benchmarks

Our online Compass careers evaluation tool is free to use, takes around 30 minutes to complete and gives you a clear picture of how your careers activity compares to the benchmarks. 

Schools in our network can also use our Tracker planning tool to create and manage a careers plan for the year. 

Compass - evaluate your school's careers activity provision
Tracker - build and manage your whole-school careers plan

Get support from our network

Over 2000 schools and colleges in England are already part of our network. They are matched with a local volunteer to move careers activity forward using their connections in the business community, and have access to other support, tools and advice.

As part of the Careers Strategy, we will make one of these Enterprise Advisers available to every school and college in England by 2020, who can support you and use their business contacts to plan effective careers provision guided by the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks.

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Find an activity provider

We invest in careers activity providers across England, helping them to deliver activities with schools and colleges. Search for providers in your area and refine your results by Gatsby Benchmark, so that you can search for providers who facilitate activities related to certain benchmarks and fill any gaps in your careers activities provision.

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