The Future Skills Questionnaire is a self-assessment tool for young people. It assesses career readiness, personal effectiveness and essential skills.

  • The questionnaire is designed to measure the impact of career-related activities and programmes on young people and to support ongoing improvements in the career education, information, advice and guidance that schools, colleges and other organisations provide.
  • The questionnaire brings together three sets of questions from well-established sources, thoroughly tested with young people across England. These are the Student Career Readiness Index (SCRI), the Social and Emotional Health Survey (SEHS) and questions based on the Skills Builder Framework.
  • Funded by The Careers & Enterprise Company, Future Skills is currently available to careers activity providers to support the evaluation of their programmes. A report of the 2018/19 findings will be published shortly. We are also using Future Skills to evaluate Careers Hubs.

To find out more about how this Future Skills data is processed for Careers Hubs and activity providers, please read our privacy policy.

Future Skills Resources

In response to wider interest, we're making the Future Skills questions available with downloadable guidance. In future, we're hoping to make Future Skills available through our Careers Leaders dashboard, Compass+.

Future Skills Questionnaire

Download Future Skills Survey [DOC]

Future Skills guidance

Download Future Skills Questionaire Guidance [DOC]

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