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Youth Advisory Group

Meet our Youth Advisory Group

Our Youth Advisory Group (YAG) is a diverse group of 23 young people aged 14-25 from across England, all with unique lived experience of careers support and the education system. 

The group meets regularly to discuss and input into CEC projects and plans, share experiences of careers education and make sure that young people’s voices and experiences are at the heart of our work. 

In September we welcomed our new cohort for 2023/24.

Mohammed YAG Board Member

Mohammed - YAG Youth Board member

“I joined the YAG because throughout my time in education, I have been passionate about the aspirations of young people. As someone from a working-class upbringing, I can relate first hand to the experiences of young people from those backgrounds, and I hope to work with the YAG to make a lasting impact on these communities.”
Rylie Sweeney

Rylie - YAG Chair

“I joined the YAG because I hope to use my experiences to inspire and support teenagers just like me achieve their goals. We’re expected to make potentially life-changing decisions about our careers at such a young age, when we may not know a lot about them, which is something I’d like to help change. I also aspire to be an ambassador for women and young people in industry.”
Rebeccah Udoh


"I joined the YAG because I’m passionate about social mobility and empowering young people to make informed career decisions. I was fortunate enough to receive support from charities like Upreach, and now I hope to help and represent young people like me. Hopefully, our work will further ensure every young person has equal access to high-quality career support."
James Haigh


"After leaving education with a Master's in Linguistics, I've just completed my first year as a data analyst, and I'm finding my feet at the beginning of my career! I'm eager to use my recent experience of the education-to-career pathway to ensure that current and future students have the best careers education possible, with plenty of knowledge of the options available to them."
Ife Awotunbo


"I joined the YAG because I have strived to have an impact on the aspirations of those around me throughout my time in education - working closely with the CEC will enable me to contribute to the development of careers education around the country. I am passionate about driving impact in the BAME community, particularly those with first or second-generation migrant backgrounds."
Imaan Ibrahim


"I joined the British Youth Council as a member of NHS England Youth Advisory Network as well as NHS Youth Forum alumni. I was a UN Women UK delegate for the 67th session of the commission of the status of women in March 2023. I am an advocate and activist for access to education for women and children. I joined The Careers & Enterprise Company YAG as I am an advocate for widening participation and improving the pathways available for young people to kickstart their lifelong working journey."
Katie Flett


"I’m currently working at a social mobility charity called The Brilliant Club in their School Partnership team. I’m passionate about careers education as it is vital for increasing social mobility. I believe that all young people should have access to the same information, advice and guidance so they feel confident making an informed decision about their future regardless of their upbringing. Other things you should know about me is I am a foodie, I’m dessert over starter and I love baking!"
Rachael Oloyede Oyeyemi


"I am currently studying English Literature at Cambridge University. Careers education is extremely important as young people should have the knowledge to transform their passions into jobs. There are so many different routes into what we define as our own successes and I am so excited to be a part of the process!"
Aaliyah Likuluta


"I believe careers education can help enlighten a young person to achieve their full potential and help bring to life their dreams and passions."
Oscar Buckley


"Through my role as a Property Management Apprentice, I've been fortunate enough to work with the Pledge Foundation in schools and colleges to help with the career development of students. Through starting this journey, I’ve unintentionally found a new passion in helping people progress as individuals and figure out what they would like to achieve both in their career and life as a whole. I would like to see a shift in the approach people have to careers, not to try and find a job but to find a purpose which fulfills them."
Hannah Lawless


"I study Biological Sciences at university and aspire to go into a career where I can apply my scientific background to make a difference. Within university, I help others reach their career goals by running a mentorship scheme for women in STEM and professional development events for state schooled students. For me, it's important that no matter how someone identifies, or their background, that they are able to access supportive and personal advice to reach their aspirations and open as many doors as possible."
Samuel Remi Akinwale


"I am a young Nigerian-Mancunian, eager to learn and support others. I have a strong interest in politics and economics and a passion for basketball, anime and empowering young people. I am currently a co-CEO of Young Manchester, a membership organisation and intermediary funder that works to strengthen, connect, and champion organisations that support young people in Manchester. Beyond this, I manage a small creative collective called Creation Foundation, dedicated to hosting honest conversations and authentic content for and by young people; whilst also curating an anthology of stories of young migrants and their challenges accessing higher education."
Ilja Vencjuns


“I joined the YAG as I want to represent all young people, and in particular young people with a disability, like a visual impairment. Planning out a career journey has always been hard for young people, and the pandemic has only exacerbated this problem, so hearing the voices of young people when it comes to careers is vital.”
Muhammed Asif


"I joined the YAG as I strongly believe that every young person in England has a right to a high standard of careers education. My vision for the group is that we continue to be a voice for a diverse range of young people and continue to push for positive change in all educational settings."
Hana Mehager


"I am 17 and currently in Year 13 studying A-levels. I am passionate about careers education as it encourages people to unlock their full potential and it allows them to be the best version of themselves they can be."
Fatimah Asif


"Getting involved with organisations that value youth opinion is so important to me because we have so much to give! Especially where it concerns our future. Ensuring we can make what is to come less difficult is something I definitely value and wish to continue to be part of."
Tiffany Igharoro


"I am an A level student with a passion for increasing diversity and creating safe spaces in the workplace. I've been a member of my local youth council for 3 years and in my spare time I write for a youth blog. I think it's paramount that young people from under-represented communities and socio-economic backgrounds are encouraged to pursue long term careers and are given the resources and environment to do so."
Giancarlo Mempouo


“I joined the YAG becasue I am currently a member of Rotherham Youth Cabinet and Young Inspectors, as well as leading REMY (Regional Ethnic Minority Youth). I have a major interest in PSHE (personal, social, health and economic) education across schools and how it can be improved. Careers education in particular, is one aspect of PSHE that could be life-altering.”
Thomas Williams


"I am 15 years old and I am currently in Year 11. I am studying for my GCSEs and I hope in the future to go on to study Sociology, Politics, Philosophy and Psychology at 6th form to then study a degree around law, politics and social sciences. I am passionate about youth social action and youth voice, giving young people a voice to have their opinions and ideas acted on in the form of change. Through my different roles like Youth MP or sitting on different national panels, I am able to deliver projects, build campaigns, set strategies and improve services. I am passionate about careers education as I believe that no matter what a child or young person's starting point in life they are provided with the same amount of opportunities, support, help and guidance. By removing barriers we are able to enhance their quality of education, careers education and career opportunities."


"I am 17 years old, currently in my second year of studying T Level Health. During this course, it has been difficult to communicate with companies to sort careers experience. I want to be a part of helping make it easier for others in the future by working around careers education. Youth are the future, we deserve to get everything out of careers experience."


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