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Careers Leader Training - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How do I find out more about the content of the courses available?

Please read our comparison guide for an overview of requirements, before following the links to each individual training provider for full details of their course content.


There are contact details for each of the training providers included in the comparison guide and we recommend contacting them to help you choose which course will suit your requirements best.

What are the learning outcomes for Careers Leader training?

There are nine providers who all cover key learning outcomes which have been updated recently by The Careers & Enterprise Company. There are differences between courses in terms of accreditation, assignments, provider type and region. The shared learning outcomes for all courses are:

  • To understand the role and value of a Careers Leader;
  • To be able to describe and perform the key roles and attributes that comprise careers leadership: Leadership/ Management/Co-ordination/Networking;
  • To be able to articulate the value of strategic Careers Leadership to secure SLT, Governor and parent engagement and support;
  • To articulate and adopt the principles of good leadership and management and consider how these support developing a whole school, special school or college approach to careers guidance;
  • Discuss key aspects of career theory and how these apply to your learners and the school’s or college’s careers programme and the local/regional context;
  • To understand the value, principles, and key steps of building a strategic careers plan;
  • To understand and apply relevant policies and frameworks for practice that support positive/improved student outcomes;
  • Develop yourself and your strategic plan and progressive careers programme in the light of reflection, impact evaluation and new evidence (including feedback on careers skills and knowledge education engagement and destinations data);
  • To understand how an effective strategic careers plan can contribute towards school/college improvement;
  • To be able to make use of career and labour market information to inform a strategic plan and a progressive careers programme;
  • To understand and be confident implementing meaningful application of all of the Gatsby Benchmarks.
How does the funded Careers Leader training offer differ from the online Careers Leader induction module?

The online Careers Leader induction module is designed as an overview induction for Careers Leaders and is recommended pre-learning to Careers Leaders who are interested in registering for the funded training offer. The online Careers Leader induction module is an ideal introduction to Careers Leadership as you prepare to select the right professional, funded Careers Leader training offer for you.

How will courses be delivered?

All providers are offering both face to face and virtual delivery methods and we also have a fully distanced learning offer available.

When is the deadline for securing a place?

Please read the comparison guide for course lengths and speak to the course providers to check the final start/ completion dates for courses you are interested in.


You must sign a contract with your chosen course provider by 31st March 2023 and you must complete your course by 31st October 2023.


How can I engage with providers and find out more about specific offers?

You can find all our course providers contact details on their course page. Please view our comparison guide for more information. All training providers welcome contact and encourage queries about their offers.

When do the courses start?

Most of the courses will set a confirmed date once they have a set number of sign-ups. However, the course providers will be able to give you a good idea on the likely date so get in touch with them directly.

How is the training linked to CPD for careers guidance professionals?

This funded training offer is specifically for Careers Leaders and will not qualify you as a Careers Adviser. Please speak to the training provider about how units and credits from their courses can be used to work towards other qualifications.

What is the difference between accredited and non-accredited Careers Leader training?

Careers Leaders can opt for either non- accredited or accredited training to both Level 6 & Level 7. As there are differences between course providers in terms of accreditation and assessment expectations, we encourage Careers Leader to contact course providers directly to fully understand each offer.

Who is it for?

Is this training applicable to me as a Careers Leader in Further Education, Alternative Provision or SEND?

Yes. The training is associated with improvements in knowledge and understanding across the four main responsibility areas of a Careers Leader role: Leadership, Management, Co-ordination, and Networking. Improvement in knowledge and understanding is seen in Careers Leaders working in SEND, Alternative Provision, FE colleges and mainstream schools highlighting that the training is appropriate for Careers Leaders in all settings. Contact course Providers to understand how they support Careers Leaders from all contexts.


The current training offer is applicable to Careers Leaders from schools, special schools, AP, SEND and FE provisions. Please note that the eligibility criteria are for Careers Leaders in all state-funded secondary schools and colleges, including SEN and AP.

Are all Careers Leaders eligible for a funded place?

Careers Leader training is appropriate for all Careers Personnel with responsibilitty for Careers from ALL provisions.


Funding is available to all DfE funded, non-fee- paying schools, special schools, Alternative Provision, and colleges.

If I have already completed a funded course, can I do another?

If you have already completed a CEC funded training course, we unfortunately cannot offer a second place. However, we are keen to discuss with you your requirements and reasons for wanting to complete an additional course and therefore ask that you please email and we will get in touch.

I am not a Careers Leader, but have another role responsible for careers in my school/college, can I access the training?

If you have strategic or operational responsibility for careers in your school, special school or college, you are eligible for a place.

I work at an Independent Special School, can I access a place?

We currently have a very small number of places available for Independent Special Schools. If you would like to be considered for a place, please email with your school details and we’ll discuss the process with you.


Will the course cost me or my school, special school or college anything?

All courses are DfE funded for non-fee-paying schools, special schools, Alternative Provision and colleges and at no cost to you or your establishment. You will also be eligible to access the funded training offer and the £1,000 bursary.


Your Headteacher/Principal will need to sign a contract drawn up by the Provider. If you do not complete the course, your school, special school or college is liable for the cost of the course.

How does the bursary work?

Bursary funds are distributed to the school, special school or college that signed the contract with the training provider. If the Careers Leader is no longer working at the institution after beginning the course, the bursary payment will still be awarded to the school or college that contracted with the training provider. We strongly encourage Careers Leaders to use the bursary to help further their CPD or careers programme, however the final decision is at the discretion of the school, special school or college.

I have already completed a funded training offer, can I do another one?

No, there is currently only one funded training place per Careers Leader.

Can my school, special school or college register for another funded training place?

Yes, schools, special schools and colleges may take multiple places, if all individuals registering for the course have responsibility for careers and have not previously accessed a funded training place.

How can I apply for the bursary payment?

Once your course provider informs us that you have completed the course, we will email you with next steps which involve you providing contact details of a finance lead at your school with whom we will arrange payment.

I started a course and moved institutions during the course, who is entitled to the bursary?

The bursary will be paid to the school, special school or college who originally signed the contract.

What can my school, special school or college use the bursary on?

The intent of the bursary is to cover any expenses for the Careers Leader to access the course yet how the bursary is spent is at the discretion of your school, special school or college and we encourage Careers Leaders to spend the £1,000 on further CPD or your careers programme.

Further support

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