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Talking Futures: Bringing parents into career conversations

Parents and carers are influential on their child’s choices and career decisions and therefore are key players in shaping what their best next step might be. In partnership with the Gatsby Foundation, we have developed Talking Futures: a campaign to help parents have more constructive and informed careers conversations with their child. This includes a suite of resources designed to support schools and colleges to connect parents into their careers programme as well as equipping parents directly through tailored resources.

Approaching parental engagement strategically

In recent research, 67 per cent of Careers leaders told us they wanted to see parental engagement in careers approached strategically and inclusively across the whole school or college.

We understand that engaging parents about careers will require support from all members of staff, especially the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) who will need to advocate and guide a whole school or college approach to identify opportunities to enhance current practice.

Support for schools, colleges and special schools

There are several key resources available that have been successfully tested to help institutions like your own enhance parental engagement:

  • Talking Futures Toolkitgain the foundation knowledge to amplify parents’ role in careers-decision making
  • Parent learning journey - map what parents need to know and when, against what has been planned for young people in your careers programme
  • Engaging SLT - a presentation to share with your senior leadership team to explore how to embed parental engagement in your careers programme

Explore more resources

Parental engagement CPD sessions

Get the latest learning on effectively engaging families in careers education through our two short CPD modules.

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Talking Futures resources for Careers Leaders

Support parents’ role in careers decision-making and increase their participation in activities at your school, special school or college.

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It’s essential that all staff can provide support and resources for each student and their parents which advise them on the career opportunities associated with their course.

Careers Leader, FE College

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We are developing more resources and guidance to help Careers Leaders to take a strategic and embedded approach to parental engagement in careers.

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A parents’ toolkit for conversations

The Gatsby Foundation has developed a suite of resources directly for parents to help them have more informed and constructive conversations with their child about the different training and education pathways available to them. You can support parents with their own learning at home by signposting them to the Talking Futures website:

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If you have any questions regarding parental engagement in careers education, please contact a member of the team.




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