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Understanding Careers Leaders

What do Careers Leaders do?

Careers Leaders are responsible and accountable for the planning and delivery of their school, special school or college’s careers programme. It is a complex role that requires a clear overview of the school, special school or college’s careers provision to ensure that it meets the Gatsby Benchmarks and government guidance requirements and that it is aligned to school, special school or college priorities.   

In order to support students with finding their next best step Careers Leaders develop a strategic careers plan, build a progressive careers programme and track and evaluate the impact of provision. 

The Careers Leader needs to be someone who can liaise with external partners, such as employers, learning providers and careers guidance services, as well as manage and coordinate the school, special school or college’s provision through a stable and embedded programme. A Careers Leader is neither a re-labelled Careers Coordinator nor a Careers Adviser. These roles are distinct but complementary and it is common for the Careers Leader to either manage or commission the Careers Adviser.  

While it is important that the Careers Leader develops the strategic careers plan and the progressive careers programme, it does not mean that a Careers Leader should be delivering all of it themselves. Careers Leaders are responsible for commissioning, line managing and engaging other stakeholders in developing a whole school, special school or college approach to careers.

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I love Sir John Holman’s description of the Careers Leader role as being the ‘conductor of the orchestra’. It is a strategic role, which aims to embed a golden thread of meaningful careers education throughout a school, which can be self-assessed using the Gatsby Benchmarks

Mandy Green, Careers Leader, Bedford Academy