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How much do you agree/ disagree with the following statements?

Strongly agree Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Strongly disagree
I know how to develop new curriculum materials with relevance to the world of work
I understand the full range of job roles and careers in the current labour market that are linked to my subject
I understand the full range of educational pathways that are linked to my subject, including technical and vocational pathways (e.g., Apprenticeships, T-levels)
I understand the skills needed for successful transition into an educational pathway or career e.g., job searching, making applications, assessments
I understand the skills that employers value when recruiting education leavers

How confident do you feel in the following areas?

Very confident Confident Not so confident Not confident at all I do not know
Engaging employers in my practice
Delivering career related learning in the classroom
Communicating with students about their career and future pathways
Communicating with parents about their children’s careers and future pathways

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