Our role

Our role is to bring together schools, colleges, employers and providers across England to provide high impact careers and enterprise support for all young people.  

Why we exist

The youth unemployment rate currently stands at more than 560,000. There are jobs but young people are struggling to get them. This is despite the fact there are 750,000 vacancies, around a quarter of which are skill shortage related.
Connections between education and employers can make a huge difference. 

A young person who has four or more encounters with an employer is 86% less likely to be unemployed or not in education and can earn up to 18% more.

However in only 40% of schools are young people having even one encounter with an employer a year.

Thousands of schools, colleges, employers and providers are putting huge efforts into addressing this and investing millions of hours and pounds in it every year. But efforts are evaporating because they are not well linked up.

We are creating a system of support that allows schools, colleges, employers and providers to invest efficiently and effectively in young people. We continue to grow our national Enterprise Adviser Network which connects schools and colleges with employers. Our investment funds enable the best careers and enterprise activity programmes to reach those who need them the most, and our ongoing research ensures that everything we do is underpinned with evidence of what works. 

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What the research tells us 

The Gatsby Foundation has laid out a clear blueprint for what works:

  1. Encounters with employers, with workplaces, and with further and higher education
  2. Information about local jobs, how the curriculum connects to work to help young people understand the paths to their goal
  3. A plan tailored to an individual’s needs and supported by guidance

Our starting point is encounters. We are committed to working with others to create a network that delivers these encounters and helps schools and colleges build careers and enterprise activities aligned with best practice.  

Our progress so far