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Amrita Das with Enterprise CoordinatorsWe are building a national network in collaboration with Local Enterprise Partnerships that connects schools and colleges to employers across the country. Our professional, trained ‘Enterprise Coordinators’ are working with clusters of schools and colleges to improve their careers and enterprise activities and connect them to the world of work. Our business volunteers or ‘Enterprise Advisers’ are providing strategic counsel to the leadership in schools and colleges to help connect them to their local business community. 


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Our research is focused on two key areas: what are the geographical areas across England that need greater support in careers and enterprise and what works in careers and enterprise provision. This allows us to focus our resource where it is needed and on programmes that will have the greatest impact.



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Our investment funds are providing initial funding that sustainably take proven programmes into areas of need, rapidly increasing the best provision where it will have the most impact.



Our Core Principles

  • Work nationally, deliver locally
  • Build on what works
  • Test, learn and adapt
  • Enable and convene the best programmes

Our Core Beliefs

    Link learning in school to future prospects, through access to relatable role models and connecting the curriculum to future opportunities.
    Bring the future to life by seeing, experiencing and doing, connecting young people to employers and workplaces.
    Provide access to enterprise and work inspiration from an early age, to inform lifelong learning.
    The jobs market is increasingly dynamic. Encourage young people to create and take opportunities that continuously challenge or reframe career direction – in stark contrast to a 'job for life'.
    Employers value more than qualifications. Inspire real-world learning beyond the classroom to unlock a young person's potential.

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Our work can only happen with the continued support of business, schools and colleges and providers.
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