Our research focuses on the areas in England that need the greatest support as well as identifying what works in careers and enterprise provision.

This combined focus helps us concentrate our resource where it is needed most and on programmes that will have the greatest impact in preparing young people for the workplace.

We bring together sector-leading insights and carry out our own research to contribute to a growing evidence base.


Our research focuses on four areas:

Shaping the debate
​We explore the key issues and assumptions that underpin discussions about careers and enterprise work.
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Understanding the environment
We understand which areas of England are in greatest need of careers and enterprise support.
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What works?
​We identify which careers and enterprise activities are most effective and how we can put new knowledge into practice.
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​We ensure all of our programmes work as part of our commitment to testing, learning and adapting.
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For more information, email our research team: research@careersandenterprise.co.uk