The Careers & Enterprise Company carries out research to make sure that we target the young people that need it the most, and that we give them the support which has the greatest impact. We want to ensure that the interventions we support, including the organisations we back, are based on robust evidence. Our research includes evidence reviews, stakeholder surveys, qualitative interviews, analysis of school and college data, evaluations, and measurement of young people’s outcomes using questionnaires and published destinations data.

Our research reports include the following:

  • Building Networks: Evaluation of the Enterprise Adviser Network and Careers Hubs that chart the implementation, progress and impact of the network.

  • Supporting Careers Leaders: Evidence on Careers Leaders and the support they need to deliver the role effectively.

  • Backing the Gatsby Benchmarks: The State of the Nation, evidence syntheses, reviews of good practice and evaluations of CEC funded programmes to support Careers Leaders to deliver effective career guidance activities and programmes.

Our theory of change is that good career guidance in school and college supports young people to develop an understanding of the world of work, and the self-development and career management skills they need to achieve positive employment destinations. The Careers & Enterprise Company supports Careers Leaders to deliver good career guidance through the Enterprise Adviser Network and Careers Hubs, digital products, investment funds, and training and resources for Careers Leaders and employers. Our evidence supports this theory of change and is used to test, learn and adapt the support we provide to schools, colleges and employers.

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In 2015 we developed a model to help us understand where in the country was most in need of support with careers activity provision and identified these areas as 'Cold Spots'. For more information, please click here